For Those Days We Worry About How Life Will Turn Out

“How would your life be different if…You stopped worrying about things you can’t control and start focusing on the things you can? Let today be the day…You free yourself from fruitless worry, seize the day and take effective action on things you can change.”
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

So Friday night, after a really hectic day, I managed to find the time to scroll through my Facebook timeline (I usually never have the time) a bit and came across a particular picture.

It was a much younger Will Smith, and it was probably a cut out from a movie he was in (someone please take me to the movies!), and it said:

“I’m scared man. I mean, what if I never get my life together?”
(If you have any idea what movie this was, please let me know through the comments section!)

Why this hit was because earlier on Friday morning, a friend of mine asked a similar question.
So quick question now: Have you ever met a chronic worrier?

Someone who cannot help but worry no matter how things are looking right now?

I’ve been there.

And it’s super addictive.

I think that’s the saddest part.

It turns into something you’re frightened that if you do not indulge in, the whole world could crash on your head one night.

But it’s a dangerous place to stay in, I tell you.
I won’t come here to tell you I no longer have a single worry in the world.

That’s not true.

Occasionally, I am caught up in worry and I get super anxious and fear attempts to rob me of my peace of mind.

But I’ve learned to rise above all of that most times.

And so today, if you find yourself worried about the future, worrying about problems that do not want to go away, worried about finances, worried about your health, worrying from the minor things like if you’d have enough to make this Christmas super lit or the major things like if you’d ever find someone who’d actually love you, let’s start from here:

• If you refuse to admit to your fears and your worries, you’re only giving them somewhere to hide and grow.

It’s okay to feel that way.

It tells that you’re human and it tells that you actually want to make something out of your life.

It’s okay to acknowledge their existence.

• You are not alone darling.

All over the world, people are terrified of going bankrupt tomorrow, of loosing their loved ones too early, of not making something tangible with their lives even if they graduate from college, of not ever being able to break free from unhappiness.

You need to know that you are not alone in this.

I have had friends approach me with the whole “your life looks so great — you just have it all figured out” speech.

Well guess what, friend?


I do NOT have it all figured out.

There are nights I crawl into bed and I’m scared.

There are days I’m doubtful.

I just know that I cannot allow myself constantly dwell at those low points — and so I do not.

Too many people let all of that overwhelm them completely.

Suicide rates are rising alarmingly.

You can rise above this. I promise.

• Like I would repeatedly keep repeating on this blog for your sake (and for mine), the day you stop to see other people as your competition, you automatically stop worrying about A LOT of things.

You are on your own lane.

On your own lane, life has provided for you so, so, so (did I mention so?) much that you could possibly need on your own lane.

There is NOTHING you need to finish your personal race that you do not already have or that would not come at the right time.

Take it one step at a time.

If you need to sit to rest at a point, sit your butt and rest and gather up your strength.

It doesn’t matter who’s running past you.

They are NOT on your path and they will NOT run you over.

Did that sink in?

• No matter how ugly things are looking right now, they can ALWAYS get better.

They won’t get better just because you want them to.

They won’t get better because you’re hoping they do.

But they can most definitely get better if you’re doing something about them.

Doing the bit that you can.

• Talk to someone about how you’re feeling.

Trust me, all of this is so relatable to so many people you’d be surprised.

And sharing burdens sure help lighten them.

Open up to someone you trust.

You just might get more support than you’d expect.

• Sometimes that worry and that fear that we feel is what helps to keep us focused.

There are thousands of stories of successful people who say that it was because they grew up with so much poverty and with so much backwardness and with so much lack around them that they just had to do something about it.

Channel all that anxiety into the right place.

• Relax.

You’d get to where you want to if you just relax and keep moving at your pace.

The good things in life take time.

And the waiting and the work are what grows us.

It’s exhausting, but don’t let it wear you down too much.

Do your own part and enjoy this journey — no do-overs, remember?

• There are things you will have zero control over.

You cannot do a single thing about them.

And you do not have to worry over those things simply because that’s just the way they are.

All you need, is strength.

Life is totally unpredictable.

We hear stories of those who had their lives turned around overnight and we’ve seen major names crash down in the blinking of an eye.

Yes. That’s scary.

But whatever’s going to happen ultimately will at the end of the day.

My point here is, life gives anybody anything.

But you know one thing those who seem to get sweet slices from life more than bitter have in common?

They’re not burning time worrying and thinking.

They’re not waiting to see what life could bring and just hoping it does them right.

They’re fighters. They’re tough hearted. They’re taking life a day at a time. They’re working. They’re praying. They’re believing. They’re working. They’re working. (Yes.)
You cannot worry and believe at once, remember that.

And if you’re not believing, you cannot possibly be receiving.

For every time worry sucks all the life out of you, I truly hope you remember these truths.

And no matter what life brings tomorrow, fighters always come out stronger.

Did I make much sense to you?

Let’s talk— how do you handle the fear of the future?

Have you ever been a chronic worrier?

Let’s share our own methods of approach.

And if you think you know someone who’s at this point in their life right now, kindly use the share buttons to pass this along.

Thank you in advance ?

Have a beautiful week, precious!
Remember, everything you’ve ever wanted is at the other side of fear.

Deliciously Yours To Savour,

Ima |

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