Six Life Hacks You Cannot Afford To Not Pay Attention To

“Make your book of life a musical. Never abandon obligations, but have fun leaving behind a colorful legacy. Never allow anybody to be the composer of your own destiny. Take control of your life, and don’t allow limitations implanted by society tell you how your music is supposed to sound — or how your book is supposed to be written.”
― Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

Hello loves — welcome to the last month in 2016, you made it!

So it’s December. ?
Everyone’s favorite holiday (right?) is approaching, and so I thought to dish out a little something I’ve been thinking upon as we step into the weekend and all of the festivities approaching (and is it just me or was this week freakishly fast?)

Anyways, it’s going to get pretty crazy for a lot of us soon, and then December 31st is going to stroll into our faces and we’d start to plan out how we’d like the next year to work.

Well I’d say it’s never too early to make those little adjustments that always go a long way.

And so here are six pretty important pointers that go a really long way towards our productivity and happiness in general and if you haven’t been taking any of these seriously, I truly hope you attempt to:

1. No. You do not have to wait for *insert those special dates* to do and feel all things awesome.
Okay, so you know how incredible the feeling is — waking up on Christmas morning, or on your birthday, on the 1st of January to a brand new, squeaky-clean morning and new year?
You know how giddy we feel on the insides?
You know how you get up on those days, energetic and full of life and ready to seize this day?


You also know it’s your mind at work, don’t you, and you can spread all of that positivity to every other day?
Because your head knows it’s December 25th.
But you can feel that way on the 8th of April too.
Feel it on August 13th as well.
On the most random days.
Let’s start telling our minds the right things.
Like: “Hey, it’s the second day in December. You’ve seen 336 days already. And you’ve been such an amazing soul to have gone through all those days. Let’s see what this one has in stock and let’s actually look forward to doing great things with it. Okay? Okay.”
Don’t wait for special dates to be grateful for life, don’t wait for special dates to spread love and to do something amazing, don’t wait for special dates to set resolutions for your life, don’t wait for special dates to realize how insanely blessed you are to be seeing another day.
You deserve to derive fulfillment from more than two, three, five days in a year.
More like every single day.

2. To daydream / think / plan and to work towards them are not the same.
Don’t waste all your time on the first.
Did you read my post on my love for daydreaming and how I learnt to turn it down a bit?
Well, I hope you know how to too.
It’s easy to dream the day away, to make wish-lists and to think we’ve actually done something.
But nope.
See all that energy you put into thinking and daydreaming?
Invest into working.
All that zeal that’s cooking up all those wonderful events in your head? Redirect it into energy to bring them to reality.
You don’t want to waste all of your days planning and thinking and imagining.
Nothing happens that way.

3. The ones you surround yourself with are everything — literally!
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I cannot even fully emphasize how surrounding myself with confident, sassy, gorgeous, fierce (and a tiny bit crazy!) people as best friends helped me kill the timid and scared part of me to a massive extent.
You’re just as good as the people you call your friends — finding the right ones would make much more difference that you’d ever expect.

4. There would be things in life you’re just going to have to do for yourself — you’d need to always be ready with that mindset.
There are days you’re going to have to trust your own intuitions and have to handle your own business yourself.
You’re going to have to be ready and capable.
Because it’s your life here.
And because, truth of the matter is,you won’t always have others and a lot of us become incapable and become lost because we forget this one thing.
Like someone said, if you’re going to be happy in life, you’re going to have to be alone and not be lonely.
And like Sheryl Sandberg said:
“Taking risks, choosing growth, challenging ourselves, and asking for promotions (with smiles on our faces, of course) are all important elements of managing a career. One of my favorite quotes comes from author Alice Walker, who observed, “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”
Do not wait for power to be offered. Like that tiara, it might never materialize. And anyway, who wears a tiara on a jungle gym?”
Strengthen yourself daily for those days.

5. If you’re going to do something, know exactly what you’re going to do. EXACTLY. Please. It’s important.
You got this.
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Soon, new year resolutions would start raining into our heads.
Don’t tell yourself you want to start working out.
Be specific.
Why do you want to? How do you plan on doing this? How many hours per day are you going to be investing? What could be possible hindrances? How do you plan on cutting them off right now?
Plan. Be precise. Break things down. WRITE THINGS DOWN.

6. As much as we adore the smooth, easy going, perfect days, the days that are tough and that are tasking and that are demanding are just as important.
The days that we’re down in the dumps help us appreciate the days that go great.
The days we’re sick or we’re stressed or we’re exhausted help us appreciate the days we’re perfectly alright.
What’s my point here?
The sweet and the bitter both make up life.
I know, the hard days are hard, but understand they’re here because life is showing us something, teaching us, grooming us, strengthening us.
And they too shall pass.

We are capable of living lives that would bring us utmost satisfaction if we’re willing to work on some of the little things, from right now.
Are you?
I do hope you start with these.

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I hope this Christmas brings forth plenty of beautiful memories, darling blog reader.
Have a beautiful weekend — sending my love as always!

Deliciously Yours To Savour,
Ima |

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