Eight Things You Don’t See When You’re Stressed, Overwhelmed Or Burnt Out

My weekend was ugh.

I cannot seem to think of a better way of describing how it went.
I had so much to do and a lot of unanticipated turnouts took place.
I was stressed, I was tired, I was ugghh.
And so I spent most of it asleep or feeding on my favourite junk foods (more of that gist below ? )
However, as always, I stay on the lookout for lesson points in my daily life, afterall like they say, every disappointment is a blessing.
Unfortunately I wasn’t the only one who didn’t have a fantastic weekend and so I decided to share some of my own tips that I hope help any one the next time you have one of those no-good, terrible, horrible, bad day(or weekend!)

1. There is nothing a good bath and a great shut-eye time doesn’t solve to a good extent.
Trust me on this.
Yes, it doesn’t make it all go away, but it helps a lot.
Plus, for me, a good bowl of ice-cream and plenty of chocolate included.
I ate so much of it this weekend I’m a bit worried.
But again, not really.
I almost never take anything sugary on a normal day so when I do, the sugar rush does wonders for me personally.
I instantly feel much better.
So sometimes, you should consider starting from spoiling yourself a bit.
Sleep off a bit of that pent-up pressure.
Eat your favorite comfort food.
And maybe some more sugar.
Soak up under a steaming hot shower (again, personally. Let’s not make LemonsLemonade the cause of burnt skins.Take care!)
You deserve it.
The “feel-good” feeling, that is.
Sweet tooth, chocolates and Ice cream, Sugar rush, the perfect recipe, comfort foods

2. Believe it or not, you have the power to break free from all negative energies and everything causing you anxiety and pressure and discomfort and stress.
You have the power.
And it all starts with the mind.
Coming to the place of understanding that you can choose to declutter your head of all that’s stressing you and get the serenity you deserve is where it all begins.
The power resides in you.
No job, no person, no circumstance, nothing, can take that away without you letting them.

3. You’d want to crawl under your duvet and escape from the world.
That’s okay.
Just make sure you get back up and handle things.
Talk about it. Face it. Deal with it.
The longer you avoid it,the longer it stays a problem.
If it’s workload, take a break for a specific amount of time, come back to it, finish it up, and be done with it completely.
If it’s a misunderstanding, don’t “give it time to sort itself out.”
Don’t wait for someone else to make a move.
Take the first step and get it out of the way.

4.You’d think you need to “de-stress” with social media. You do not.
You do not, I tell you.
Facebook has a way of showing you the ones who didn’t respond to your text but can upload  dozens of photos scattered in your timeline at the wrong time.
Social media, personal development, self growth
Yes. Personal experience again.
I know — contacting that awesome friend could be pretty helpful.
But put a call through to them instead.
FaceTime or Skype.
Get out and go see someone.
Invite someone over.
Opt for something authentic instead.

5. The less people in your business,the better for you.
I’m not sure I’ve ever understood this properly before this weekend.
You will crave alot of understanding and support and sympathy and help from others around you, as you will be utterly convinced you need and deserve it.
Just make sure you’re careful with that.
Too many people, too many pieces of advice.
Too many “Try this — no, do it this way.”
You don’t need that.
You’d think you do but things get more complicated for you that way.

6. Now is the time to think before you speak, listen before you respond, and not to take everything too seriously or too personally.
Because most often that not, at this time, you’d misinterpret plenty, exaggerate a lot and your emotions would be all over the place.
As much as there is an imbalance, you can still successfully keep yourself under control.
All of it would pass, so don’t go worsening situations because of how you’re feeling right now.
If you need to stay away from people, do that.
If you’re in a bad mood, tell as many people as you can that you could be disturbed by that you do not want to be disturbed.
Alone time, loneliness and depression, anxiety, life hacks, how to handle loneliness
They’d appreciate the warning.

7. Picking up a pastime or something that you haven’t done in a while could be a great distraction.
For me, that’s reading old conversations, remembering good old days and laughing at how I could possibly have, at one time, always typed what’s up, as “xup”, and alright as “awrit” and you too “u 2”, and three years later, I hate abbreviations and never use them.
Sometimes, it’s going through old photographs.
Or reading my childhood journal.
This weekend, I stumbled on an article, which was my very first published story in a magazine, when I was 13, and that was pretty cute seeing it again.
Find a distraction. Journey back a bit. Pick up something that relaxes you. Yoga. Exercise. Prayers. Meditation.
Whichever works for you.

8. It’s dangerous and risky to make one common mistake.
And that’s going:
“Oh well, I’d just wait for better days ahead.”
I used to do this alot on really bad days.
Don’t wait for Christmas, don’t wait for your birthday, don’t wait for when you finally get a vacation.
Don’t wish your days away.
Make right now work. Get up and do something about how you’re feeling.
Take control already — it’s your life.
Live it, now.

Soo let’s talk: How do you handle those really awful days?
How do you subside the stress, when does it all go away?
I’d love to hear your tips and tricks — one can never have more than enough,yeah?

Happy new week, people — retain your power, and trust that you can handle whatever this week flings at you!

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