Seven Things You Think You’re Supposed To Feel Bad About – And Why You Shouldn’t

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| I found that every single successful person I’ve ever spoken to had a turning point and the turning point was where they made a clear, specific, unequivocal decision that they were not going to live like this anymore. Some people make that decision at 15 and some people make it at 50 and most never make it at all. |

— Brian Tracy


Can I let you in on a secret?

I can?


Okay. This is it:
Sometimes, it’s not you. Its them.

Nope. I won’t tell you it’s them either.

It just is.
What do I mean?

Well darling, you aren’t always at fault.

I doubt there is something massively wrong with you, you don’t “don’t know how to act right every time, all the time” and you are perfectly lovable and fine.

I believe you’d understand that better as we go on.

How many times have you made yourself feel so terrible for how something turned out, because it’s “only natural”?

Sometimes, it’s really not that deep.
So I’m going to show you seven common times we beat ourselves up (not literally, I hope) when we really should be doing something else and doing something about it:



7. Not Getting Along With Parents

Sometimes, parents can be the most frustrating,difficult-to-please people.
A couple of times, it’s crystal clear that they are just in a bad mood or blowing issues way out of proportion — again, but some other times, for a couple who constantly cannot see eye to eye with their folks, wondering if they really do have a serious problem that makes it impossible to get love from even their own family could pop up too often.
The thing is though, if we can honestly say we don’t know why things escalate to that point, then it usually isn’t that serious.

We just need to look more closely.

We aren’t adopted and they really are our biological parents.

(Don’t you go denying you’ve never questioned it. Lol).
But one major reason I have noticed is simply that we inherit so much of their personality traits.

A tough stern mom and a stubborn hearted child; simply alike personalities clashing.

Opposite polls do attract better.
See where I’m coming from?

And no parent definitely wants things turning out

like this. Because family would always be everything to every member.

As time goes on, thanks to growth, our folks getting older, and much needed parent-child communication that’s uncommon,we find a balance.

So don’t sweat it too much.

Not saying don’t try to avoid it. Do try.

But no hard feelings. Towards anyone.

At least for not too long.


6. When *insert preferred name here* leaves –And It Really Was Your Fault
Here, everyone will expect you to feel like crap and deserve it.

Including you.

But you know what I’d tell you?

It’s not mandatory you dwell at that point, no matter who was at fault.

Let me break that down:

Now when you honestly and truly weren’t at fault, it’s automatically their problem.

But if you honestly and truly were at fault, and you acknowledged this to them, and they still leave, it’s automatically no longer your problem.

Everyone deserves a little chance at a second chance, if they have never gotten one before.

Even you. Yup.


5. Absence Of Satisfaction Within You
People will say “Be happy with all you are right now”.

People who say this, are right. Most definitely.

But when you find yourself at that place of unrest, of dissatisfaction on the insides, there is absolutely nothing wrong with feeling this way.

If we all get too comfortable where we are right now, we begin to limit ourselves from achieving so much more.

Dissatisfaction doesn’t necessarily mean ungratefulness.

It just means a hunger for something more.

That’s a good thing.

So get uncomfortable already.


4. When You Just Want To Do You
Confidence is scarce today, don’t you think?

It looks like it’s easier to conform instead.

And so when you want to do left when everyone is looking right, understand that people don’t see that everyday.
Confidence is scary, that’s why.

It’s why most people haven’t picked it up.

It takes plenty of guts.

So when you aren’t conforming, no matter whatsoever anyone is saying, that’s a step plenty people will never take in their life.

So please, do you. They don’t have to understand. And you are not weird.


3. When You Need Someone

We all need others.

Every single one of us. Every introvert, every so called “anti-social”, every depressed person, every shy person, you name it.

Now, although it becomes an unhealthy and dangerous thing when you wholly depend on another, you craving company even in times you think you’d rather be going “solo” is normal.

As much as I’m an indoors person who’s rather selective with who I hang with, I cannot do without others.

Why? Life can become a drag if there is no one to share it with.

There would be times one’ll need encouragement, or advice or just someone to waste a boring saturday with.

So hide that ego and call up *insert name here* when you need ’em.

It doesn’t make you vulnerable. There’s good in it too.


2. Things You Should Be Doing With Your Life
Everyone has a dream. A goal. An idea.

Somewhere they’d rather be right now.

And that’s beautiful.

However, like I once said when talking about the

reason we can all stop obsessing over perfection, don’t torture yourself with it.

It is too easy to see someone else “living your dream” or doing better all of a sudden, and feel you have been stagnant for too long.

This is similar to Number Six and comes after identification of the discomfort but still failing to meet set goals.

While it’s okay to dream, don’t let it turn your reality to a living nightmare for you. Don’t.

Because you are still in it right now. Be easy on yourself. You’d get there.


1. Struggling To “Let Go”
“Let it go and move ahead. Life goes on”.
You’ve heard this too, haven’t you?

So you don’t know how to forget *insert event, human, animal, anything you wish to really, here*.
You don’t know how to deal with a loss or a grieve or a grudge or something.

Naturally, you cannot but wonder why you’re in the same group as I am of “The Ones With The Jelly-Like Hearts”.

But you know, if more people had these kind of  hearts, it’ll be a better world, you know.

If more people had feelings, you wouldn’t be feeling this way.
So it’s beautiful. Trust me.

Now, it sure is important to get to the point that you realize how necessary it is to let go, but just because you haven’t yet doesn’t mean you never will and doesn’t mean you have a problem.

Because sometimes, we finally learn to let go after we hold on long enough to get tired.

There would be things no one would know how to show you and you would have to see yourself.

This is one.

 Everytime these hurts help us grow.So don’t let anything tell you otherwise.


My entire point?

Sometimes, even when it’s you, it’s okay to not pin it all on you so hard.


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Deliciously Yours To Savour,

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